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  • Fireplace grates,...

    Fireplace Accessories has a fireplace grate for all fireplaces. Should, what you need not be included in our standard stock range of in excess of 30 designs and sizes, we will fabricate a grate combo ash pan to your specifications at a very reasonable cost. Select from our wood, coal or anthracite burning grates. All grates are supplied standard with an ash pan for easy cleaning. You can choose from our standard or heavy duty commercial ranges. Your choice is vast and all grates are mostly in stock . As we are the proud manufacturers, stock replenishment is quick. Great South African quality products at an affordable price.

  • Fireplace Screens

    Wide variety at the right price...

    Fireplace Accessories fireplace screens are sturdy and well crafted, with solid quality iron, steel and heavy duty mesh for years of use. Domestic and commercial. Fireplace Accessories fireplace screens come in many styles: flat spark guards, curved guards, tri-fold screens, screens with doors, wall mounted screens...single or twin door as well as child and pet protectors. We have a fire screen for any fireplace. ..if not we will fabricate your custom screen for you at a VERY reasonable price....quotation no charge and no obligation...35 years experience. South African made, South African quality.


  • Child / Pet Protectors

    Manufacturers and stockists of fireplace child, baby, infant, toddler fire screens, surrounds and protectors. These items are heavy, solid and very stable. Can be  free standing and/or attached to a wall. 

    All the above screens fold flat and compact for summer storage.

  • Log racks, wood...

    Fireplace Accessories carries a wide range of fireplace wood storage items. Log racks, log baskets, wood bins, log barrels, log racks and the budget log hog. All fabricated locally and of a high quality for years of durability.

  • Fireplace Tool Sets

    Shop our selection of high-quality, long-lasting fireplace companion sets. Our fireplace tool sets boast sturdy craftsmanship and solid construction for years of use. Most of our fireplace sets include a shovel, poker, tongs and broom, and are crafted of wrought iron in a variety of finishes. We have a fireplace tool set to complement any fireplace, wood stove or outdoor fireplace.

  • Coal scuttles, hods,...

     We are proud manufactures of a practical and functional range coal buckets, scuttles, hods, torpeados and scoops.

  • Fireplace Accessories

    We stock a functional and beautiful range of fireplace  

    bellows, fireplace rotating chimney cowls. A very handy coals grabber, makes moving burning logs and coals an easy task.

  • Kadai patio fire bowls...

    Original Kadais are up to 100 years old.  They all have their own unique character from years of use as cooking bowls at weddings and festivals across India. They are hand-picked in Rajasthan by Alex (Owner) and are available in sizes 63cm and 76cm diameter.

    Johnnie Blue Kadais are hand-beaten from one piece of thick mild steel to form this beautiful bowl with robust, hand-forged handles to give a slightly more sophisticated look.

    We have added the braai grill for the South African flavor.